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Online course for business owners who are seeking their ideal clientele and ready to take their business to the
next level 

You are talented, skillful and you're working hard in your business. But if you're not making enough money that you know you deserve, this course empowers you to lay a solid foundation for building your business the right way. So, keep reading my friend!


You put your best to help your clients and do whatever it takes to build your business. But sometimes you wonder,

Why can't I charge my true worth? 

Why I always end up with tire-kickers, time-wasters or penny-pinching clients? 

With all my expertise, why do I have to chase them? 


If you feel that way, you have my empathy. I have been there and I know how it feels to be frustrated with not getting results. For me, no matter how much harder I worked, it wasn’t until I invested in my brand that my business kicked off.


It doesn't have to stay frustrating. You don't have to waste more years doing the same thing and getting the same results (like what I did for some time!). If you think there is more to you that the world has not seen, it is time to make the change to get out of the majority who struggle. It’s time to brand yourself so that you can transition into the top performers of your industry.

Let me ask you something.

Did you know the top leaders, in any industry, make tens and even hundreds of times more than an average business in the same field?

For example:

  • An average realtor makes close to $47k/year while top realtors make an average $500k/year and megastar realtors earn millions of dollars every year.

  • An average coach earns around $50k/year while Tony Robbins earns $9m at his UPW event. 

Are the top leaders more talented than the majority who struggle?

Are they more skillful?

Well, not necessarily. But one thing is crystal clear and common between all of them. They are super good at branding and separating themselves from the rest of the crowd. That's why they are able to attract their ideal clientele. 

It's one thing to be an expert in something, it's totally another thing to be KNOWN as THE GO-TO EXPERT in the field.

I found out about it years back then I started my transition by building my brand. Now, I am committed to empowering you to do the same thing and have your ideal clientele. So I created this online course so that you can do the same in the comfort of your home.

By the end of this online program, you will have

  • The foundation of building a successful brand

  • An understanding about where to start and how to piece together fundamental elements for building a strong brand

  • Clarity on how to lay a foundation for your brand based on who you are

  • A powerful structure for your marketing efforts so your marketing budget will not be wasted on the wrong audience

  • Clarity about your ideal clients, their needs and the solution you can offer them 

  • Your brand lighthouse that leads you to create a stream of valuable content for social media and beyond 


  • A strong, irresistible message that allows you to attract your ideal clientele

But more than that, AMPLIFY YOUR BRAND will give you the tools to offer a solution for your ideal clients’ pain so you can attract them with ease instead of chasing them and trying to convince them all the time.

The program comes in 6 phases with easy-to-follow videos. 


Your Mindset & Branding Foundation


Discovering Your
Golden Existence 


Your Mindset & Branding Foundation


Creating Your
Magic Potion


Tapping into Your Uniqueness


Crafting Your
Emotional Brand
Phase 1
Your mindset & Branding Foundation

The basis of any successful endeavour is the mindset that allows you to see the possibilities and embrace change.

Right now it might feel like your business is stuck and you are tangled with many things that you do not even know where to start. But after finishing this part you could see a clear starting point that breeds the ground for your business. You could see yourself being open to a whole new possibility.

  • Follow my intention setting guidelines in this and any other program so you can feel a whole lot of difference in the results you could get.
  • Understand the power of a brand and how your brand could bring ease to your business growth.
Phase 2 
Discovering Your Golden existence 

Leader businesses are created on an inside out approach starting with values and beliefs while the majority of players build their organizations with a totally opposite approach.

With my signature “Discovering Your Golden Existence”, I empower you to crack open your golden reason behind your business existence by a discovery journey in yourself.

  • Outline your driving values so that you clearly know what drives you and how to use them as a framework to create content, build partnerships and attract new clients. 
  • Discover your passion and how you can incorporate it into your business so that you get mentally fueled and feel like playing at work.
  • Define a powerful purpose behind your brand so you can connect with and attract people who respect and believe in what you do.
Anchor 1
Phase 3
Creating your magic potion

In any industry, the majority of businesses are struggling because they are trying to serve everybody. When you target everyone you are actually targeting no one.

Here, you’ll learn a solid framework for defining your audience as if you know them like your friend. 

By the end of this phase, you will have a profound structure for your brand about how you want to serve your audience.

  • Come up with a clear understanding of your audience's needs, desires and problems so that you can create a solution for them.
  • Finally have an engaging message that attracts the right people to your business and connects more deeply with them. 
Phase 4 
Tapping into your uniqueness

It's time to hone your message by differentiating yourself from the rest of the market.

I know you want to stand out, but so many business owners get caught up copying other players in their industry. That’s not you!

My goal is to empower you to stand using your uniqueness. And that is what you get at the end of this phase.

  • Identify your competitors and get a clear idea of how they are serving clients so that you can close the gaps between supply and demand
  • Tap into your personality attributes and hidden uniqueness of yourself or your offering so that you can stand out from the competition and have your desired share of the market.
Phase 5

Leader companies build their brand by the consistency that shows up in their message in writing, visuals and tone while the majority flip-flop and stir away from building trust.

At this phase, I empower you to wrap what you have created in the last five phases into a beautiful framework with adding details about your brand personality, visual identity and tone. 

  • Incorporate the pieces of your brand foundation into your branding statements so you have a lighthouse guiding you to your ideal clientele. Profit from the art of storytelling and learn how to effectively communicate your story so that you can content with your audience while providing value. 
Anchor 4
Anchor 5
Phase 6 
Let your brand shine

Leader companies build their brand by the consistency that shows up in their message in writing, visuals and tone while the majority flip-flop and stir away from building trust.

At this phase, I empower you to wrap what you have created in the last five phases into a beautiful framework with adding details about your brand personality, visual identity and tone. 

  • Develop a system that allows you to deliver your message with ease to your audience, vendors or partners so you can save time and money.
  • Learn how to integrate different aspects of brand representation so that you can build trust with your audience faster and easier.
6 Phases,
$1350 of Value
Anchor 6
You wanna have your ideal clientele and charge your true worth? 
Then building your brand just became a necessity, not a luxury.

Save & Get More!



One easy payment today! 


Access to:

  • 6 phases of the online program 

  • Videos to help you grasp the pieces of training

  • Downloadable workbooks so you can get a clear sense of what you need to do at each step 

  • All the bonuses listed

Limited Time Bonus: 1 complimentary coaching session with Mara (45 minutes)


Lemon Squeezy!



One payment today followed by
2 payment of $138 every 30 days


Access to:

  • 6 phases of the online program 

  • Videos to help you grasp the pieces of training

  • Downloadable workbooks so you can get a clear sense of what you need to do at each step 

  • All the bonuses listed


On top of that, you will have access to these BONUSES!
  • Bonus #1: Download my signature workbooks that help you put what you learned at each phase into practice (Valued at $350)

  • Bonus #2: Direct email access to me for 30 days from your sign up date so you can ask your questions directly (Valued at $350)

  • Bonus #3: Brand photo shooting guide that helps you attract more people and build your clientele faster   (Valued at $200)

  • Bonus #4: Access to a private Facebook group with other students (Priceless)


Total value: $ 2250 ($1350, 6 phase program + $900 bonuses)

You'll Also Get a

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


You'll Also Get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Let me begin by saying that the most important priority for me is your satisfaction with this program. I believe my approach to branding is powerful and it works when you do all the work. In 30 days, if you did so and still you were not satisfied, upon watching all the videos and completing all the workbooks, I will refund your money.

You might want to know what I have to do with your branding.

Arsia, my life and business partner, and I founded Smart Shot to help business owners with A-to-Z of branding. In the past few years, we have served hundreds of businesses in different fields to build their brand foundation and attract the clientele they dream of. We have never been so fulfilled with our career as much as we are now... finding out our clients are getting results.


But it wasn’t always like this. We have been in our own businesses all our career lives. So, we know what it takes to build a business from scratch! Let me tell you how we got started. 


I did my MBA in executive management and worked in marketing and sales for years in the chemical industry. Although I learned a lot from the B2B market, it was not my dream career. I always had the passion to help entrepreneurs build businesses from scratch or take an existing one to the next level. So I did my coaching practitioner designation too. 

Meanwhile, Arsia, as a talented artist, had his own advertising agency, creating brand identity and beautiful marketing visuals for different kinds of businesses for 2 decades.

We realized what helps business owners the most is the combination of branding knowledge, tools, art and professional marketing materials. So we decided to dedicate our lives and put years of experience together at Smart Shot to empower business owners, just like you, with A-Z of branding… and that’s when everything falls into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

My business is slowed/ shut down with the COVID 19 pandemic. Is it the right time for branding for me?

The short answer is YES. The long one is YES because branding is not a short-term game and there is no better time than a slow time to create or restructure your brand. Not only that, but you can also start implementing your learning right away, connect to people, and build trust. Therefore, you will be able to sow now and rip when things get better.


When does the course start?

The official launch date of the course is May 15th, 2020. When you enrol before the date you will enjoy the special pre-launch discount. After May 15th, you get instant access when you sign up.


How is the course delivered?

This is a completely self-study online program that has 6 phases. Each phase comes with 1 or more videos. Some phases come with workbooks too. You can do it at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. 

You will receive instant access to the membership site after you enroll. The program begins on May 15th, 2020 though. Each week you will find 1 phase of training ready for you to dive in. 


How long will I have access to the program?

It will take you six weeks to finish this program if you take your time and do it slowly. However, from the date you enroll, we guarantee that you have a full year access to the program. After that, we will let you know one month in advance about the expiry of your access which may not come in decades!  


I’m just about to launch my business, is this right for me?

Congrats! YES of course! It is always easier and cheaper to do one thing right from the beginning than fixing it later. So, YES it is the right program for you because it allows you to lay a solid foundation since branding is the core of any business.


What if I’ve been in business for a while? is this for me?

YES. If you're not happy with the results that you're getting, then it is definitely for you. By results I mean you're not getting the clients that you desire, you're not able to charge your true worth, you’re not reaching your income goals or you simply think by now your business should have been more successful.


I’m into selling products, is this for me?

Well, it depends. If you are willing to use your brand as a way of connecting to people, then YES, it is for you. But if you want to compete on price and be at the lower end pricing category, then it is not. 


What do I get more in this program comparing to hiring a designer?

That’s a good question! Let me clarify. 

Your brand is not your logo and designs. It is not even your product or service. 

Your brand is the experience that you create for your audience. It is the perception that they have in their mind of you.

Of course, your visuals like your logo and your brand colours, are part of your branding but that’s not all. The most powerful brands are created around a clear understanding of the people that you want to serve, their needs and the solutions you have for them.

Designers are artists who can create meaningful visuals with a well-defined BRANDS MESSAGE. And that's what this course gives you and beyond. 



How is your approach to branding different?

I am glad that you have this question. I believe branding is a combination of science and art with you in the center. I master the science part, because of my educational background and experience, and also I know the art part because I have been doing it for so long with my spouse. Not only that, I believe good brand messages should be authentic coming from the heart. That's why I got my designation in NLP coaching. 

With my approach, I empower you to create a brand that comes from your core values and beliefs while I'll share with you the science and art you need to know to build a solid brand.

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